Building is Our Passion

For us, construction has become more than just a job. It has become a true passion, a passion that drives Ulisse Group to innovate, but above all to surpass itself.

We believe in quality

Ulisse Group, attentive, dedicated and concerned, has always delivered a quality product that meets the needs of its customers.

Customer Service

Our main focus is to monitor their needs, be it a residential buyer or a corporate client. Our customer satisfaction is also the key element of a business relationship.


For more than 25 years, the name of Ulisse is synonymous for it’s experience, quality and passion in the field of construction. These are the values that have guided the company since 1993.

With technology advancing faster than ever before, we are always ready to take up new challenges that lie ahead of us in the future.

From MS DOS to iPads, we are constantly evolving, adapting and integrating that knowledge into the everyday construction.

km of walking distance, knocking door-to-door
cubic square meters of poured concrete
50 000
square foot of installed plywood
1 000 000

The essence of our mission is to always offer first quality and meet the highest standards of excellence.

At Ulisse Group, we have always been confident to ensure best practice approach of project management, communication, relationships and execution that guarantees the best quality / price ratio is achieved.

We firmly believe that access to home developments should be available to everyone. We have always believed that the growth of a community includes all neighborhoods and boroughs whether you rent or purchase a home. We are working to develop quality projects that are accessible to everyone.

building is our passion

"Any fool can write a book and most of them are doing it; but it takes brains to build a house."

charles F. lummis